Butler Weekend

Launch Dinner

On the 3rd of June the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and members of the University Executive Committee joined College staff, students, alumni and community members for a celebration dinner to start the College’s Tenth Year Anniversary. The dinner started with a drinks reception, with Tessa Bailey playing the piano, and an unexpected twist when Adrian Simpson appeared in the mole suit to do his welcome speech and talk about his experience of Butler’s development in ten years. Guests then moved through to the Howlands to be welcomed by Master of Ceremonies, Matt Ricketts. Starters awaited guests on the table but they were unable to start until after Cheerleading performed an impressive stunt routine.


After the starter there were performances by Butler Troupe and Chamber Choir, as well as speeches about sports by Dan McElhone and about societies by Alex Naylor. The atmosphere in the hall while the main was served and eaten was very welcoming. Students spoke to external guests about all things Butler and showcased the community impeccably. After the main Rupert Maspero spoke of committees and volunteering at Butler, followed by a performance by AccaButler.

Whilst guests enjoyed their salted caramel brownies, Jazz Band performed a set that encouraged the friendly atmosphere to continue with feel-good music. Jazz Band was followed by the results of the   Silent Auction that was held during the dinner to raise funds for the expansion of study space. We managed to raise over £800 from the evening.

The dinner concluded with a speech from Hattie Pridmore, current JCR President, about her time at Butler. I can do her speech no justice so will have to quote her to express how moving her view of Butler is. She said ‘at Butler you will be looked after, but much more than that; you will be inspired to be yourself; you will be driven to achieve and inspire others and you will be surrounded by incredible and passionate people.’ To complete proceedings Adrian did the toast to Josephine Butler.  I believe that all people attending the dinner felt proud of Butler during the toast.


Thank you to everyone who attended the dinner and especially those who performed. There is no doubt in my eyes that it was a success and an excellent start to Butler College’s Tenth Year.

Butler Day

After the festivities of the Launch Dinner, Hattie and I had a large task to make sure Butler Day was special to mark Butler’s Tenth Year. I believe we achieved a Butler Day that successfully celebrated the College, but I am biased.

JoBo Day 2016 (47 of 318)

The Rio Carnival themed day started off with the set-up of the Curso de Assalto (Inflatables) on Milfield field and the Waltzers in the car park. The tigers performed some jaw dropping stunts and troupe impressed with a jazzy routine. Student performers, Tobey Grout, James Bowmer, Hannah Reed and Fran Nunn and Leonie Price and Rosie Bawn, took to the main stage throughout the early afternoon. Northern Lights were well received until they said JoBo Day instead of Butler Day, even after that they sounded amazing. A local drumming group impressed with their percussion skills.

Food was provided throughout the day by Fat Hippo, which apart from the long line went down very well with attendees. The Pimms and Sangria bar was also very popular. Jess Lythgow, the new Bar Steward, also got a special Tenth Year Edition ale to go behind the bar which sold well.

JoBo Day 2016 (15 of 318)

The highlight of the afternoon had to be the Let’s Circus performers.  The Afrikann Warriors performed gymnastics that meant their feet reached the top of the marquee and limboed under fire, Nat Lunatrick juggled on top of a seven foot unicycle and Miss Gracie did wonders with a lot of hula hoops.

At 7pm the atmosphere changed from a performance into a party. Mr and Mrs Butler saw Hannah Turner winning the crown, for the second year in a row, with Liam Jones as they wowed with a lip sync of ‘Man I feel like a Women.’ Solomon’s Code kicked off the evening entertainment in the bar. Let’s Circus were not finished though, putting on an incredible fire performance that made the drunken crowd ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ as they felt the heat. Miss Gracie even hula hooped with flaming hoops.


After the fire performance a Taylor Swift tribute took to the stage performing some tay tay classics that everyone sang along to finishing with the ultimate Taylor Swift song ‘Love Song’. The night finished with a DJ at 2am but the weekend was far from over with more activities planned for Sunday.

Societies Garden Party

Performances kicked off on Sunday with The Jukes with their set waking up everyone in College to make sure no one was under the illusion Butler Weekend was over. Societies took the stage during the afternoon to showcase Butler’s talent, including Jazz Band, Chamber Choir, STAB and AccaButler. Pudding Soc put on a bake sale to raise money for Grace House. Other societies made sure they were part of the day in some other way with films for Disney Soc and Marvel and DC Society, whilst Fem Soc put on a quiz and unicycle society did a taster session. To ease the hangover Scoops and Smiles provided ice creams during the day.



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