Broadway – Fashion Show 2016

After months of odd diets and gym days for the models, this year’s Charity Fashion Show took on the theme of Broadway, giving the audience a cinematic experience that cannot be found in the Gala, Durham. Even before the show started standards were high, as in goody-bags ticket holders found a signed picture of model, Tom Crawford.


George Bradshaw and Daisy Busel took to the stage to welcome the audience and match Queen of Sass Catherine Kisanji and sidekick Matt Bircham, who presented last year. The show started with a tribute to the Lion King, with models channelling their inner jungle animals. George noted the presence of snakes and birds of prey that the audience needed to be cautious of.72

105The second walk took the form of an ABBA tribute that the audience could sing along to and think of easier, stress free times. The models helped by showing off their best dance moves to get everyone in the mood. The carefree Mamma Mia walk was followed by the first musical interlude. Hannah Reed and Becky Teece took to the stage performing Royals and Blame It On Me.



The Green Comm. walk disappointed only in that the handcrafted clothes did not fall off any of the models to satisfy audience members who only bought tickets to watch the underwear walk. However the disappointment soon evaporated when the models wore tie skirts, dresses, waistcoats all created by Green Comm. The male models were clothed in some remodelled Freshers’ Week t-shirts, which Matt Ricketts and Rupert Maspero simply ripped for that rugged look.


Butler Troupe, staying with the theme of Broadway, performed a version of Cell Block Tango that left the audience hot under the collar. The show continued with presence of leather jackets and disco leggings prominent in the Grease walk.


After an interval that saw the Howlands Hall empty and the bar packed, the models attempted to recreate the Rocky Horror Picture Show with Rudi Vizma attacking the moves as if he was on Klute dancefloor and Cameron Wild wearing a fetching fishnet vest. Rumours have been heard that Cameron intends to keep the vest to wear to his heart’s content.


Although the Butler Tigers only had a small contingent of the group performing there were people in the air and perfect bows which is all we can ask from our Butler cheerleaders. The audience was impressed, but the proudest audience member was cheer captain Hannah Turner.

With the second half bottle of wine flowing the Grace House Auction raised above £550.00, with prizes including a three-course meal cooked by Angus Dowie and George Bradshaw and double date with Cameron and Rudi. Meet and greet with Proudlock could not compare with the competition to eat with these hunks was tough, however, not as tough as Jack Hardwick’s determination to bid on a date with model Sally Crawford.

The following walk was the most elegant of all the walks with the male models wearing suits and the female models in ball gowns. The general audience feeling was pure anticipation for the models to be wearing less material and the teasing of suits and ball gowns heightened this anticipation. The models then transported us to Baltimore with pig tails and lollipops, there was no doubt the only thing missing from the Hairspray walk was Zac Efron.


There is no doubt the later on in the night you perform as a musical act the better the reception. However, the response to Orienne and her four man band was amazing. Most audience members were on their feet, prompting Tech Comm. to protect their lights. One audience member was so impressed he wanted to be sixth member of the musical group and clambered on stage.


After the band finished their two songs, the audience returned to their seats eagerly ready for the underwear walk. Of course the most awaited event of the social calendar, admiring other attractive Butler students in their underwear, did not disappoint. The song choice of Burlesque made the final walk extra special and left most of the audience feeling slightly inadequate. Especially, Tom Atherton’s top half.


Everyone in the Howlands, apart from security, Des, Pete and Mandy, did not want the show to end and the final walk to Fame was met with excitement marred with upset that it was all over. Luckily the after party at Loft/Studio with Proudlock from MIC meant the night was definitely not over.

The event was a huge success and so thanks need to be given to Louie and Megan for all their hard work in making the event possible.


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