Alumni Reunion 13th-15th November

The weekend of the 13th to the 15th of November saw one of the biggest events of the calendar for the whole of Durham. Most will think I am talking about Lumiere. Most would be mistaken as the weekend was the first Alumni Reunion of 2015-2016 in Durham. The lights of Lumiere could not compare with the smiles of the returning Alumni on hearing plans of attending Klute both Friday and Saturday night.

Alumni were welcomed back with open arms by societies such as Cheese and Wine, Rock and Alt Soc and Pitch, Please. Others attended the Open Mic Night in the bar and some even ventured into town in the miserable rain to look at the light installations of Lumiere. Generally all alumni happily returned to Klute to see if the worst nightclub in Europe had changed at all.


Saturday morning twenty alumni took over Café Continental to enjoy brunch. The day was taken up by alumni supporting their old college teams at matches, comparing JB’s to the old Coffee Shop and Kitchen and not letting first years near the pool tables. Saj continued to earn his Butler Day title of highest contribution to bar profits. Big names returned to the bar and to appreciate the tidiness of the JCR Office, including past presidents Stu Drayton, Will Kendall and Siri Minsaas. I was very star struck by the number of JCR heroes in the room.

In the evening twenty alumni prepared for the alumni dinner held in college, which they expected to be your average formal food in the seminar room. They were pleasantly surprised by the way the food quite different to a normal formal; apart from the toast to Josephine Butler at the end. Hattie Pridmore’s brainwave of displaying photos of the dinner guests in their early Butler Days brought nostalgia to all.DSC_0101

After the dinner, alumni congregated in the bar before taking on Klute for the second night in a row. Plans to hop onto the late PR2 into town were stopped when news came that Elvet had been closed. The pouring rain did not stop singing alumni making their way through town, ending up in Klute looking a little damp.12244809_954731017913691_2356339879835966501_o

Sunday morning Angels returned to impart their career advice to students with an amazing turnout. The bacon sandwiches on offer to Angels and students who signed up clearly lured people out of bed. The rest of Sunday involved lots of goodbyes and the bar emptying out slowly. The JCR has now returned to a normal week, however, with a feeling something is missing. You.


See you in April for the reunion in London.




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