A summary of Second Term

Epiphany term kicked off with bang as a jammed packed Re-freshers’ week unfolded. The week began with a Noah’s Ark themed charity formal, where pairs had been able to swap each other around onto different tables, all for a charitable donation. There were some fantastic animal outfits, from Giraffes to Unicorns! During the week there was a Newcastle Night Out and the infamous re-Butler Stroll, where a huge number turned out to don the Stroll t-Shirts and head into town! The rest of Second term followed suit from this first week, with countless events taking place and a multitude of activities, getting Butler even more on the map as the best College!

Just summarising the best parts of Epiphany this year was a challenge, there is just too much to choose from! So I have decided to take some of the best and some of the new events to expand upon.

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Grace House Auction

The annual Grace House Auction was once again a fantastic success. With guest auctioneer Neville Tynemouth and with a fantastic set of prizes sourced by Charity Comm we managed to raise a staggering £1450 for Grace House! Up for grabs were High Table seats at a Castle formal, Durham Gina and Vodka, home-made cakes, the chance to trace back family trees, just to name a few! With the addition of numerous other charity events throughout the year we are well underway to achieve substantial fundraising for Grace House!

International Festival

Sunday the 8th of February saw Butler’s first ever International Festival. Hosted in the Howlands and organised by our International Rep Sabrina, there were around 20 different countries represented by stalls. The groups showcased food, fashion and the arts. There performances from Taekwondo, Belly dancers and a didgeridoo. Throughout the day the festival attracted over 500 people from across the University and the local community. The event was a fantastic success and there is much hope to build upon it in the years to come!

Fashion Show

Butlerites once again took to the catwalk in the annual fashion show. This years theme was seasons, and the event featured clothing lines from each season as well as special green walks and the underwear walk. The auction raised nearly another £1,400 for Grace House, and there were a number of performances that ranged from Dance and Cheerleaders to numerous vocal acts. The event was a great success and thanks go to this year’s Fashion Show chairs Lucy Reeves and Sally Crawford.


The Epiphany STAB play was held at Ushaw College, similar to the STAB formal performance. However, the twist was that the scenes took place in different rooms of Ushaw, allowing the audience to move around and sample the grandeur of the building in full detail. The play was themed around The Canterbury Tales, and the magnificent acting from STAB really brought Chaucer’s work to life. The play took a huge amount of effort, and it really paid off, the entire experience was magical.


Butler has always been big on sporting achievements. However, in the final week of term the Football club really shone. For starters the Women’s football team stormed through the cup league and emerged victorious, and only a few days later then placed top in the Premiership League. This incredibly success was followed by the Men’s team then beating Aidan’s 1-0 to win the Floodlit Cup trophy. The astounding success of the Football team really shone in the final few weeks of the term, and they did an incredible job of involving the wider College community.  Hopefully this success will be taken on over the years to come and we can cement ourselves as a College of sporting prowess amongst our other traits.


About butleralumni

The Butler Alumni blog is aimed at all alumni of Josephine Butler College, Durham University. We aim to keep you in the loop with interesting interviews with alumni and current Butler students, reviews of Butler events and updates on what is going on in both the College and alumni communities. The blog is edited and managed by the Alumni Relations Assistant, Sally Crawford, but she is always looking for ideas or volunteer writers to help make the posts more interesting and interactive! If you're interested in contributing to the blog, Sally would be thrilled to hear from you at jbalumni.association@durham.ac.uk.
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