Back to Butler – February Reunion 2015

The weekend of February the 14th is usually a time to celebrate love, normally with a partner. However, for 50 alumni this weekend was a point to celebrate their truest love; their love for Butler. Soppy I know, but these 50 alumni made the trek back up South Road to experience a nostalgic weekend and to keep engaging with the Butler Spirit.

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The weekend was kicked off with a Karaoke night on the Friday in the Bar. Whilst slow to start it eventually picked up towards the later evening, with a variety of tunes from Taylor Swift to Queen. It was great to see the interaction between current students and alumni as they battled over who could sing the most out of tune. After the karaoke had finished the alumni flocked to the only place worth going to after 11pm, classic Klute. The celebrations ran far into the early hours of Saturday morning, it was bound to happen really though.

Saturday saw even more alumni arriving, and then began some planned events. A number of people just chilled out in the bar area, whilst others went to play football for one of Butlers prestigious teams.  Later in the afternoon there was a Meet the Angels event, which gave the opportunity for current students to meet and talk careers with the alumni. The evening saw the main event approach. Everyone gathered in the bar to jump on a coach to Ushaw College. It’s safe to say that the alumni found the aesthetics very impressive, as we were able to dine in the refectory hall. The meal gave the opportunity for all the alumni visiting to reconnect in one space, as after the food was finished there was a lot of mingling between tables. The night then continued with coaches back to Butler and a few drinks before once again heading out to Klute. The biggest shock for some alumni is the conversion of Studio to “Union Bar”, hence the infamous double Klute weekend. Once again the festivities carried on far into the night.

Sunday morning was a ghost town as most people were still in bed until the afternoon sleeping off the third quaddie. By Sunday afternoon though the bar was once again littered with hung-over and sleep deprived bodies, to the untrained eye it looked like normal students, not those that have left a year or more ago. Finally as the evening approached the crowds departed, and Butler once again became alumni-less. That is apart from ex-SCDO Sian who decided to stay one more night in order to watch the JCR Meeting and the Presidential husts.

It was great to see such a variety of year groups attending the weekend as a whole, and it can only be hoped that the successes of the reunions keep increasing year on year. The weekend has shown that the Butler Spirit never truly goes away, and the smile on people’s faces as they walk through the bar again after so long is just incredible to see. The next reunion will be the weekend of Butler Day (30th – 31st May) so look out for more information closer to the time!


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