Alumni Reunion, London 2014

Saturday 6th December marked the annual congregation of Butler alumni in London. 45 alumni battled their way through the bustling streets of central London, braving the bitter cold and the numerous packs of Santa Clause look-alikes to reach the Spaghettihouse restaurant on Goodge Street. There they ascended 4 flights of stairs to finally reach the private room that had been set out for us. Crowds flocked around the doorway as glasses of Prosecco were handed out, and the unique friendly vibe that Butler has began to shine through in conversation straight away. There were hugs, there were laughs; there were smiles, there were cheers, but most importantly everyone was incredibly comfortable and seemed at home.

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The meal kicked off with a brief presentation by Adrian, and then a fiasco of everyone trying to remember what dish they had ordered! Eventually everyone began eating and I for one thought the food was pretty smashing to say the restaurant was catering for 50 people at once. The meal continued as expected, with a great buzz of conversation filling the room. After dessert there was the standard toast to Josephine Butler and it was a great surprise to see so many alumni trying to recall those faithful words of our College’s claim.

After the meal had finally ended most of us moved on to the Tottenham Court Road Lounge Bar, where other alumni who didn’t get on to the meal were meeting us. As soon as we entered the bar, it was clear to see we had found the London equivalent of Klute, as cheesy music blasted out of the speakers for a good half hour before changing to more standard bar tunes. It was safe to say everyone appreciated the choice of the bar greatly. At around 2am those who were still left with copious amounts of energy moved on to The Roxy, where I am told they had an exceptional night, which included a part where ex-President Will Kendall was astounded by London prices even after living there for several months.

Overall it was an incredible night and it was a privilege to organise. Seeing so many happy alumni was fantastic, and it was amazing to see lots of people meeting us in the bar after the meal. It definitely is true in that once you are a member of Butler you are a member for life. I thoroughly look forward to next year’s reunion and to the Durham reunion in February. Each year seems to be getting bigger and better as the events build upon the success of the previous so lets hope this trend can continue far into the future! Once again thank you to everyone who came and I look forward to seeing many more of you soon!


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