Another year over, a new one begins!

So another year has been and gone! I thought as a recent graduate and newly appointed SCDO/ARA that it would be great to have a sum up of the year from a student perspective. I hope not only that this first blog will be interesting for you, but will also be a good reference for me in a years’ time when I’m old and have forgotten what student life is all about! I think it’s safe to say that Will Garrison did a fantastic job over the year and has really left some big boots to fill! I hope I can make you proud! Anyway, sob story over, onto the good stuff!

Since the last post in October the year has been none stop action, with the new Freshers really settling into college life quickly and becoming involved from the start. The first JCR meeting of the year saw 3 Freshers being elected for the positions of Tour Rep, Mole Master and Quizmaster. The enthusiasm and engagement of this new intake was a joy to see.

The Butler spirit didn’t stop there though! Nearly every formal this year has been filled within seconds of sign up being open; bar events have had great turnouts and numerous new sports and societies have been created! We now boast over 30 societies, from the good old GRAW to the new Nail Soc, it cannot be disputed that we are indeed a college that caters for all!

What makes Butler so special though (in my opinion anyway!) are the events that take place here. Below is a brief rundown of what has occurred over the year.


Butler travelled to York for a weekend of sports at what hopefully will become an annual Varsity trip.


This years Halloween formal was themed around the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead, where many attendees utilised coloured face paints to jazz up the standard skull.

Good Butler Picture

The Lumiere festival was incredible once again, and Butler even got a snazzy lit up car at the bottom of the drive!


Butler hit a time warp and went back to the Medieval period for the 2013 Winter Ball. The optional fancy dress was really taken to by members of the SCR. As well as being served Pies and large bits of bread to share dessert was accompanied by a shot of mead and the option of Ale was available to drink out of goblets! After meal entertainment included a Ceilidh which proved incredibly popular.


Second term saw the return of Butlers Got Talent. As well as the more standard singing and dancing performances, this year also saw an eating contest, highly enjoyable to all those watching, not so much for those taking part!


Performances were not over though as the Societies Showcase was only a few weeks after. There were a variety of societies involved including Chamber Choir, Barbershop, Dance Soc and Juggling Soc. All performances were incredible and hopefully next year will see an even bigger showcase of our talent!


After exams Butler Day has a huge turnout! Mexican themed, the day included a Bucking Bronco, a mariachi band, a cocktail bar and loads of live music, with a headline act from H’Oasis!

Graduation was an emotional time for all involved, whether they were students or parents. And the graduation dinners were very popular and fantastically planned events! I feel so privileged to be able to stay in College another year and support a new set of students, the prospect of leaving and joining the big bad world is daunting and I wish everyone out there the best of luck! But whatever you do, wherever you are, Butler College will always be your home and be here for you! (Gosh could I make that sound any cornier?!)

I hope to update this blog about once every month so please do keep checking back if you would like to stay in touch with the developments that are happening here! And I hope I see some of your friendly faces at our upcoming reunions! As usual here are the Plugs for all the social media…

Facebook: Butler Alumni

Twitter: @butler_alumni

Or email if you want any more deets at


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The Butler Alumni blog is aimed at all alumni of Josephine Butler College, Durham University. We aim to keep you in the loop with interesting interviews with alumni and current Butler students, reviews of Butler events and updates on what is going on in both the College and alumni communities. The blog is edited and managed by the Alumni Relations Assistant, Sally Crawford, but she is always looking for ideas or volunteer writers to help make the posts more interesting and interactive! If you're interested in contributing to the blog, Sally would be thrilled to hear from you at
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