Quick Turnaround

Almost four months have flown by since the Class of 2013 graduated from Durham Cathedral. Now 250 new students have just been matriculated into Butler, sharing the same experiences that you did in what may seem like a lifetime ago. It’s hard to ignore the often cyclic nature of Durham University, however for me personally this summer proved to be a real eye opener – arguably more so than my first and last week as a Butler student.

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At graduation everyone experienced a similar combination of mixed emotions especially the parents, grandparents and friends who came to support their loved ones. My graduation was similar to the first day I arrived, tipping it down with rain and with two proud parents eagerly looking out for me – not too much has changed in three years then! Yet I soon realised it is the time I spent at Butler which will prove more memorable for me. The friends I have made, the experiences we shared and all the people who have helped me being much more important than graduation day itself.

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Over the summer Durham has been a completely different place, but the community feel still exists even without students. One example of this was the Durham Miners’ Gala, which over 50,000 people attended to see speeches from Bob Crow and Ricky Tomlinson. True some people were just there to get drunk; however it still brought people from the north east together. At Butler the summer played host to over 200 pre-sessional students from around the world. While they were studying how to succeed in essays we learnt a lot about peoples’ different cultures an experience difficult to find during term time.

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Freshers’ Week 2013 was as hectic and exciting as ever. Balloons, inflatables, a silent disco, taster sessions, nights out and the wonderful frep team all contributing to an incredible week. Cast your minds back to how you felt on that very first day and compare it to how you felt on the last day in Durham. Get in touch and let us know your favourite memories! For me the most rewarding part was seeing the transformation from nervous individuals to a strong community looking out for one another, all in the space of just one week. A community that will continue to support each other well after its short stay at Butler.

So that has been my first few months working at Butler and it has been a whirlwind time. In true Butler fashion it remains wildly unpredictable what could happen in the rest of the year.


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The Butler Alumni blog is aimed at all alumni of Josephine Butler College, Durham University. We aim to keep you in the loop with interesting interviews with alumni and current Butler students, reviews of Butler events and updates on what is going on in both the College and alumni communities. The blog is edited and managed by the Alumni Relations Assistant, Sally Crawford, but she is always looking for ideas or volunteer writers to help make the posts more interesting and interactive! If you're interested in contributing to the blog, Sally would be thrilled to hear from you at jbalumni.association@durham.ac.uk.
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